Deep tissue massage is similar to the classic Swedish massage with a few key differences; mainly the pace of the massage is concentrated on more problematic areas, pressure is applied more strongly and the pace of the massage tends to be much slower.

Because we apply a stronger pressure on the problematic areas, a deep tissue massage can lead to some discomfort, however it does help alleviate pains and aches in the long term.

Our deep tissue massage focuses on a specific problem area, usually related to chronic muscle pain or to help with injury rehabilitation. Deep tissue treatments are a positive alternative to drugs for dealing with osteoarthritis pain, it can also be used to treat an extensive list of ailments, aches and pains, including;

  • whiplash
  • repetitive strains
  • postural problems and sciatica
  • sports injury
  • recovery from falls
  • muscle tension
  • spasm in the glutes
  • and much more….

A deep tissue massage targetrs problematic areas and can lead to some mild discomfort. If you experience any discomfort you should communicate this with the masseuse. This will give the masseuse the opportunity to tome it down, use more oils, and ease your discomfort.

To successfully treat problematic pains, it is often recommended that a person should book multiple sessions.

You may experience stiffness and tired muscles after a session but this is normal and usually eases after a day or two. Between each deep tissue massage it is important that yu drink plenty of water. The water will help with muscle rehydration and helps flush out toxins that were released during teh massage. It is also important to avoid any strenuous activity immediately after a massage.

We have a range of Deep Tissue Massage services available in our Edinburgh salon, please check our Massage services page at:

We also encourage you to get in touch with us to discuss your specific needs.

To make an appointment please call our friendly staff on 07935 588 688.

What Our Customers Say

  • 5 star review  The masseuses are very experienced. The place is very clean and staff are professional. I had a wonderful deep tissue massage there and definitely helped me relieve tension! I will definitely be going again. Highly recommended.

    thumb Leo L

    5 star review  Fantastic massage, the technique was firm, strong and relaxing all at same time! I would highly recommend.

    thumb CHAN PANG
  • 5 star review  My first time having a massage and the best one too so relaxing I enjoyed every minute of it I will go back the again

    thumb Thomas Greville

    5 star review  Awesome massage place!! Best one I’ve find so far 😀

    thumb Joesh Cullera
  • 5 star review  This is a fantastic place. Fully met my expectations on all visits. Highly recommend. Staff seem to know just what is needed for a fabulous experience

    thumb E W62

    5 star review  This was a lovely find in Edinburgh. I was able to walk right in and got a wonderful massage. My masseuse was very good, she knew just how much pressure to give and helped unwind the knots in my back. Highly recommended!

    thumb Geoff Gillette
  • 5 star review  Fantastic massage and very kind. Helped my neck and shoulder pain tremendously. Thanks

    thumb Abdo Tayk

    5 star review  Following my visit it was a wonderful surprise that the "Longlife Chinese" health therapy did exactly what it said on the tin. The premises were extremely clean, the staff warm and friendly and really knew the best treatment for my ailment - my back has never felt so good. I now intend to make this a monthly experience. Best regards, Neil

    thumb Jane Vickers
  • 5 star review  Popped in here as i had damaged shoulder and arm which had caused pain for overv4 years i was given a lovely professional relaxing massage in this area and within days The pain was gone . Highly recommend this place

    thumb Tom Kelly

    5 star review  Excellent firm massage , fixed a knot in my shoulder. Will return.

    thumb Sean Barratt
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